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SS501’s Forest built by Triple S aorund the world for their 9th Anniversary, it is located near the SBS Prism Tower and MBC’s new building~


Do you smell something burning? (2014 Edition)


“The two that wished to stay and the three that wished to leave. I just wish that we could all be happy now.”

Park Yoochun recalls the day when JYJ first came out of TVXQ 5 years ago.

In the interview, Park Yoochun responded to the question that asked him about his further activties…

08.14.1972 - happy birthday to our National MC
Thank you for your never ending dedication to variety.
08.15.1981 - happy birthday to our Mong Ji
Thank you for being the fearless Ace we all adore.

10 years passed and tvxq’s still going strong. we’re so proud of you and will always support you: be it together, apart or solo. we love you guys! 

TVXQ- Ti Amo Photobook