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The difference is amazing! LOL Yunho always is better at anything athletic!

140823 JYJ Concert in Beijing - Talk [x]

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38-40/1000 edits of Kim Jaejoong


This is our super sweet, fat, funny, sassy female cat, George.  We need your help!  Since moving to the States, her owner has become allergic to EVERYTHING, including George :(  

We want George to continue to be loved in a wonderful home with an attentive owner that loves to pet her (and keep her inside).  She’s not even one year old, she’s perfectly house trained (never had an accident), is fixed and up to date with her shots.

Can any of the FYC followers help us and George by giving her a new home??  If you’re a cat person and living in Oklahoma, YOU SHOULD HAVE THIS AMAZING CAT.  I MEAN LOOK AT HER.  I MEAN.

Running Man ep161 - Minwoo



#YoungwoongJaejoong #JYJ Woah it’s amazing..I read a lot of magazines with his photos when I was youngㅠ

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Translation: Shinkipeia

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"…it is at that moment when we feel most touched and thankful."